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What is a Poker Freeroll Tournament?

A freeroll is a free-to-enter poker competition, with 2 or more players competing for a prize which has been added or donated by the house (the poker room hosting the tournament). Entry to freerolls costs nothing – but in contrast to play money tournaments, they usually offer cash prizes.

Freerolls are generally played by people who are new to the game, in order to hone their skills, learn the basics (e.g. hand rankings) and to build a bankroll with no risk (since no buy-in fee is involved).

How are freerolls different from play-money poker tournaments?

Freerolls are different from play-money poker tournaments in a number of ways: No entry fee or chips are required for entry to a freeroll. The Freeroll pays out a prize with value (not free-play chips). Prizes in freerolls vary, but can include cash, satellite tickets, tournament entries, or merchandise such as poker-chip sets, cards and other goodies.

What poker site has the best freerolls?

If you’re looking for a high-frequency of Freerolls 24/7, USA Friendly poker site Americas Cardroom (ACR) offers freerolls around the clock – with $10 on-demand freerolls running every 30 minutes. Additionally, ACR runs freerolls to Step 1 of their flagship $5 million guaranteed ‘Venom’ poker tournament – giving poker players the chance to qualify for a tournament with life-changing money to be won, 100% risk free.
ACR Freerolls to the Venom
ACR runs 24/7 Step 1 Freerolls to the Venom $5 million Guaranteed Tournament.

In terms of prizepool value, 888 Poker trumps its competitors – offering tens of thousands of dollars in freeroll promotions each month including freebuy tournaments (where players can buy a new stack if they bust their initial free stack). 888 also offers players the chance to win restricted freeroll tickets via their daily ‘spin the wheel’ promotion – where players simply have to log in to the poker client and take a free spin of a prize wheel (max 1 spin per day) where they can win more tickets to real-money tournaments and freerolls.

win freeroll tickets with daily lucky blast spins
You can win poker freeroll tickets with daily lucky blast spins in the 888 poker client.

Does ignition poker have freerolls?

Ignition Casino has $2,500 Weekly Poker Freerolls running weekly on Thursday at 9:05 PM ET. Entry to these tournaments is free for players with Chrome VIP level and above. Earning chrome level is as simple as clocking up 2,500 Ignition Miles just once.

This can be done by paying ~$160 in tournament fees or rake on cash, games. If you play Jackpot SNGs on igntion, you will reach Chrome level after $1,667 of buy-ins. Another way to advance to Chrome level is via the casino, by wagering $500 on slots or by wagering $2,500 on blackjack or video poker..

Once you unlock Chrome VIP level, you can play the $2500 freeroll all year long – unlocking access to $130,000 in freeroll prizepools.

How do freeroll tournaments work?

A freeroll is simply a poker tournament with no entry fee for players.
Generally, the prize pool of a freeroll is put up by a poker site or poker-room. Freerolls are free-to enter, but generally offer real prizes such as cash, satellite tickets or tournament entries.

Can you play PokerStars for free?

Yes. PokerStars has lots of freerolls running (free to enter poker tournaments) with real-cash prizes, satellite seats and other various prizes. PokerStars also runs VIP-level specific tournaments which can be accessed by players of a specific VIP level only. PokerStars also has a play-money poker site for those not wishing to win any real money via freerolls (play-chips are used for buy-ins, and prize-payouts).

What is a satellite poker tournament?

In poker, a satellite tournament in poker is a tournament that pays out one or more tournament entries to the winner(s) as prizes. The prize tournament entry generally has a larger buyin than the current satellite. E.g. a a poker site might run a $1,000 buy-in satellite where for every 12 players in the tournament, one $12,000 tournament seat can be won.

If the satellite gets 120 players, 10 $12k seats can be won. If it the satellite gets 110 players, 9 $12k seats can be won with the player in 10th place receiving $6,000. Some satellites are freeroll satellites, with no entry fee.

What does GTD mean in poker?

GTD in poker is an acronym for ‘Guaranteed’. A tournament advertised as $50k GTD has a prizepool of $50,000, regardless of whether it fills up with the required number of players to generate the prizepool. If a tournament is advertised as a $50,000 GTD, and costs $1,000 to enter, but only 40 players enter (creating a player-generated pool of $40,000) the poker room’s guarantee of $50,000 stands, and the poker room has to pay the defecit (also known as an overlay) to make up the prizepool to the guarantee amount.

What does “GG” mean in poker?

In poker, ‘GG’ means ‘Good Game’. Since communication between players in a poker game is limited to the chat box, players sometimes use text-shortcuts to save time typing. It’s commmon to see ‘GG’ (Good Game), ‘NH’ (Nice hand), ‘WP’ (well-played) as well as other text shortcuts (‘FU’) in chat…

What’s a freeroll prize pool?

A prize-pool is the total amount of cash that can be won by participants in a poker tournament. For example, a $100+10 entry tournament (that’s $100 entry, and a $10 fee for the house) with ten players has a prize-pool of $1,000 – not $1,100 – as the $10 fee from each player goes to the house as a ‘fee’ or ‘tournament rake’ and does not contribute to the prize pool.

Poker tournament prizepools vary- but generally a multi-table tournament will pay 10-15% of the top places in the field.

Full-ring single-table sit and go tournaments (9 or 10 players per table) generally pay three players, while short-handed single table tournaments (6 max players) generally pay 2 players.

What is a Free-Buy Poker Tournament?

A freebuy tournament is one with no entry-fee (so it’s a freeroll), however if you lose your initial stack, you have the ability to buy in for a starting stack in the tournament (usually for just a few cents, since the tournament is essentially a freeroll, and generally doesn’t have a huge prize-pool).

Why do some freerolls have passwords?

Some poker freeroll tournaments are password protected because they are private games set up for specific poker communities or websites. Adding a password means that nobody can register unless they know the passphrase for entry. Generally passwords are only advertised to eligible players at the last minute, to reduce the potential for the password to be shared with others (who are not meant to play the tournament) on the internet.

What is the best poker site for freerolls for US poker players

U.S poker players looking for freerolls have a few options: Americas Cardroom (ACR), BetOnline (BOL), Ignition Casino or Bovada.

  • BetOnline runs almost $20,000 in monthly freerolls for depositors and regular players. Their monthly $10,000 freeroll just requires a minimum deposit in order to be eligible to play.
  • Americas Cardroom offers freerolls every two hours. The tournaments are ‘Steps’ freerolls tournaments which award seats to qualifiers for the site’s flagship ‘Venom’ tournament, which has a $5,000,000 prizepool.
  • Ignition Casino runs a freeroll each Thursday at 9:05 PM ET, restricted to poker players on the site who have earned ‘Chrome level’ status or better. Earning Chrome level VIP status on Ignotion can be done by paying ~$160 in tournament fees or rake on cash, games. If you play Jackpot SNGs on igntion, you will reach Chrome level after $1,667 of buy-ins. Another way to advance to Chrome level is via the casino, by wagering $500 on slots or by wagering $2,500 on blackjack or video poker. Once you unlock Chrome VIP level, you can play the $2500 freeroll all year long – unlocking access to $130,000 in freeroll prizepools.
  • Bovada only offers just one weekly freeroll with a prize-pool of $2500 each Thursday of the month.
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